Terminal WCPE Using VLC

One of the pleasures of living in North Carolina is that we get WCPE on the radio. 247 classical with informed presenters and no ads (sort of). Of course you don’t have to live in North Carolina to enjoy it; they stream online. Here’s a quick and easy way to play it from your terminal during the workday:

brew install vlc
alias wcpe="vlc --quiet --intf dummy http://playerservices.streamtheworld.com/api/livestream-redirect/WCPE_FM.mp3"

The command line flags here tell VLC to launch with logging suppressed (--quiet) and to use a dummy interface (--intf dummy). This way you get a headless, terminal-only experience. Simple!

This is assuming you’re on OSX with brew, but from Windows using chocolatey it’s about as easy to get VLC installed and accessible from the terminal:

choco install vlc

Or on Linux:

sudo apt install vlc


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2021-04-26 13:35 +0000